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ScottyChams aka CHAM$ is an artist in Oshawa. He produces Hip Hop, Rap, Soul, Trap, and R&B. He started a collective called We The 9 where he works with other artists and DJs in Oshawa and the GTA on collaborations. The majority of the time he can be found as a main vocalist, singing or rapping. His main influences are artists like Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper, Isiah Rashad, G-Eazy, Earl Sweatshirt, J. Cole, and Ab-Soul. He has been learning music theory, mixing and mastering, sound engineering, and producing related skills from other artists in his field as well as having self-taught himself for over 2 years.

He spends several hours a day working on his music or expanding and growing his brand and music collective We The 9. He works with the various artists and DJs in We The 9 and with TFTONE, a producer from his hometown Waterloo. He has collaborated with AVACE, and Jexell, and works alongside DJs such as DJ D3l R3, DJ Stretch, and DJ MC-Bral. He primarily works with Sabrina Alicia as a backup female vocalist who also features on several tracks of his. He is currently working on over 60 tracks, has written them all, has released 19 tracks, and has completed 35.

He has released two EPs called a Touch of Soul and In The Dark. These are Soul and Dark Trap music projects he's completed. These other various projects will release in 2016: Hopes & Dreams LP, and New Age Trill EP. In early 2017 he plans to release System Failure EP, Old Souls EP, and System Reboot EP. He believes in allowing the people to download his music for free with the choice to pay if they feel it is deserved. He also believes that following one’s passion is the key to happiness and to satisfying one’s ambitions. He wants everyone to hear his message detailing the problems and wrongs in the world that many tend to overlook. He wants to be able to simply live a sustainable life making music for a living and bring words of wisdom to those who are lost.


Hopes and Dreams (7.5/10)

“Nice slow rap song. The use of piano and other musical instruments is cool though. This is like a little lullabye for me. The rapper is articulate and raps very soulfully. The lyrics are very interesting. The production is clear. The recording is good too.”

“The vocal performance in this song is great. The tune is powerful, yet in tune. The singer's voice is pure and attractive, which pours soul into the lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful and tell a story. The instrumental arrangement is rich and full, which complements the artist well. The piano intro is fun and inviting. Overall, the song is creative and original, and it has great potential on the market.”

“The picture which the songs introduction depicts is one of soul, but much is learned from the fast lyrical rhymes which the hiphop artist took time to construct. A perfect blend of innovation, music and rhymes mixed to get this nice output. Great stringing I must confess ”

“Intro was amazing. I could feel the pain of the vocalist. The simple and slow beat with the depressing lyrics gave the song a very powerful impact. The hole song ties together extremely well. The fading, slower ending gave an outstanding conclusion. Pain and tears went into the song, and with every word I could feel them”

“This song is definitely my type of music ,the artist has a great voice for rap and great background sounds matches the lyrics."

“I actually like this song quite a bit. I can tell that it was written from the heart. The beat is pretty good and i really like the piano. It adds nice contrast between the beat. Overall, it is a good song and has a deep meaning to it with a nice catchy beat.”

- Reverbnation Crowd Reviews

Song About Nothing (ft. Sabrina Alicia) - (7/10)

“I liked the lyrics of this song, they really spoke to me. The vocals were amazing too, they couldn't have picked a better artist for this song. The pace and the beat of this song were beautiful and I really loved this song… all together a really good song.”

“The beats are great. Instrumentation is awesome. Makes it easy to get down to. Lyrics are relatable, vocals sound very clean, crisp and blend very well with the music.”

“The song flows with an emotional way. The music tells it right because it moves melancholy. The rapper was singing flawlessly, which was the highlight of this song. The another big thing in this song is the lyrics which was very impactful for me to listen.”

“I absolutely love this. The beats, the vocals, the lyrics. It is a great song. The vocalist is great. You can hear the passion for the lyrics in this song. That is how you know it is a good vocalist when you can hear how much it means through their voice.

“Soothing music and wonderful. The song has a slow, gentle melody, but attractive. The singing combined with a good beat is what made the appeal of the song. The song is an expression of personality and musical qualities of the author. the song is represented by great vocals and emotions.”

“I like this. The lyrics have a good meaning behind it. The guy's voice is nice to listen too. I love the chiming in the music though. Its catchy. It 's decent.”

“I really enjoyed the message of this song, it kind of reminded me of a low-key Twenty One Pilots. I liked the rap part the best; The beat of the song was very smooth and lovely to listen to.”

- Reverbnation Crowd Reviews


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