Motivation And What’s Coming Next

Hey, everyone I’ve been pushing back System Failure for a really long time now. I think it’s time to set a firm release date.

I’ll be releasing System Failure on August 1st. Below is the teaser track for it, “What’s Wrong”

I’ve been really focused on the business side of things lately and I think it’s taken too much of my attention from the actual music so I’m going to keep this post short.

Below I’ll share two small motivational videos I posted on Instagram

Keep on the lookout for updates on System Failure and more updates on social media.

Keep grinding,

– ScottyChams


I'm a hip hop artist with the We The 9 music collective. I was raised in Waterloo, Canada. Born January 9th, 1995. My main genres are hip hop, R&B, trap, soul, and most urban music sub genres. My style is very lyrically focused and my music is very conscious touching on reality, philosophy, metaphysics, life, understanding, spirituality, passion, and ambition.

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