Substance Drops February 6th

Hey everyone so I’m dropping Substance on February 6th, Bob Marley’s birthday. I’m really happy with it and I hope you all like it. I’ll share the description I’m uploading to Soundcloud to give you a bit of an idea.

This song is coming from the perspective that people can so easily condemn something harmless like weed and then subscribe to and push the agenda of big pharmaceutical companies ingesting so many different terrible drugs to squeeze money out of those who can afford healthcare. It’s actually sickcare. The point is, the first drugs I ever did were prescription. I’m always fighting the stigma that stoners are lazy or harmful to society. I say at the end of the song “With everything I’ve spoken of, is it really wrong to toke it up?”

It’s just culture, it’s learned.


– Scottychams

I'm a hip hop artist with the We The 9 music collective. I was raised in Waterloo, Canada. Born January 9th, 1995. My main genres are hip hop, R&B, trap, soul, and most urban music sub genres. My style is very lyrically focused and my music is very conscious touching on reality, philosophy, metaphysics, life, understanding, spirituality, passion, and ambition.

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