System Failure Is Available On All Platforms!

This project is mostly old school hip hop beats but the style is unique and modern. My rap for the most part is very conscious and lyrically focused. It’s mostly talking about government corruption, different perspectives, mindset to succeed, and my opinion on a lot of what’s going on in our culture. The system failing simply refers to the fact that we as humans tend to change and reform our systems of control. One example was switching from gold to inflatable currency and then to digital. This essentially calls for another reset, our system right now is more than just failing, but failed and all we are doing now is convincing ourselves and others that it hasn’t.

This is my first album release and the most important thing I will put out for a long time. I hope you enjoy it and get some value from it.

I’m going to go a bit more in depth in exploring the second last set of songs (only 2) on the album.

Need Saving

This touches on the idea that everyone falls at some point so help others that need and allow others to help you when you do need it. Also aligning with the general theme it’s calling out people who only live selfishly and consciously explores indoctrination and the ridding of a 9-5 mindset.

Til Proven Innocent

I made this song after I was charged with inciting a public disturbance without proof. Though the charge was minimal, the point is the message. The authorities can get away with nearly anything because when you have to investigate yourself, you tend to be generous with your findings


System Failure Blogs Features And Reviews:


I will be posting more in the future on the other tracks as well as some upcoming features I’m working on.

Keep grinding,

– ScottyChams

I'm a hip hop artist with the We The 9 music collective. I was raised in Waterloo, Canada. Born January 9th, 1995. My main genres are hip hop, R&B, trap, soul, and most urban music sub genres. My style is very lyrically focused and my music is very conscious touching on reality, philosophy, metaphysics, life, understanding, spirituality, passion, and ambition.

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